Up for Auction: Sole-Surviving Dukes of Hazard General Lee Dodge Charger

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Only one known General Lee is left from a total of 256 copies used in the popular '80s TV show.

The Dukes of Hazard, possibly the single-greatest TV show of the 1980s, starred four amazing TV personalities: Bo, Luke and Daisy Duke and their ever-loyal, always coming through in the clutch Dodge Charger affectionately known as the General Lee. The show ran 6 years (1979-1985), during which 141 episodes were filmed. 256 identical Dodge Chargers were used, each bearing the trademark orange paint and flag, along with "General Lee" written on the hood.

Sam Emerson/Warner Bros. Pictures

Of the 256 1969 Dodge Chargers used, only one survived the series and it was purchased after filming shut down by a stunt driver. Even though it has received some restorative work, there are still some dings around the car which is typical of any Duke-driven ride. Speaking about the classic car from the beloved TV series, a spokesman said "When filming a jump, anywhere from 500lbs to 1,000lbs of sandbags or concrete ballast was placed in the trunk to prevent the car from nosing over (stunt drivers reported enjoying the flights but hating the landings)."

He continued "It will need some suspension pieces to make it handle better and some wiring would also need to be replaced to make the lights function. The General Lee is one of the most recognized vehicles in television history, being the star of the series by performing its signature outrageous jumps for viewers every week." The General Lee Dodge Charger will go under the hammer in California and it is expected to sell for around $61,000.

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