Up! Grows an Attitude with Seat Mii Vibora Negra Edition

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Volkswagen's city car gets some black details for a more sinister look.

Want to get your hands on a new city car from the Volkswagen Group? You've got choices. European buyers can choose between the Volkswagen Up!, the Skoda Citigo or - for a touch of Latin flavor - the Seat Mii. While they all may be essentially the same car with different grilles, the Seat version has been endowed with a touch of Spanish attitude in the form of the sportier-looking Mii Vibora Negra edition.

Inspider by the Ibiza Bocanegra and the Mii FR concept, the Vibora Negra (Spanish for "black viper") is differentiated by twin racing stripes running up the hood, over the roof and down the tailgate, complemented by more stripes along the flank, specific alloys, tailgate spoiler, side skirts and mirror caps... all in black. There's even a glossy black gearshift knob inside and a checkered dashboard. Although buyers can also order these items individually, they come out 10% cheaper when ordered as the package, and can be had on any trim level, from the entry-level S model to the top-of-the-line Sport.

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