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Wow, it's about time. After months and then more months of speculation and spy shots, Dodge has released official photos of its redesigned Dodge Charger. Picking up pretty much where the previous generation left off in terms of both styling and power, the new car is a big deal for the troubled automaker. Now that it's emerged from bankruptcy, Chrysler is in the process of improving just about everything with its cars. This includes reliability, interior quality, and design.

The previous Charger was by far the best looking car they built (with the exception of the Viper) and the redesign appears to have succeeded in the looks department. It's immediately recognizable as a Charger, which is good, and it goes even further with more aggressive styling. With the front grille being bolder and louder as it sits in front of the fascia, the big attention grabber is the rear end styling. Reminiscent of the 1968-70 Charger, the rear sports 164 LEDs going across the entire width of the tail. It also resembles the rear layout of the current Challenger.

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Under the hood, there's a choice between the infamous 5.7-liter V8 Hemi and the all-new 3.6-liter Pentastar V6, as also found in the new 2011 Grand Cherokee. All-wheel drive will also be available, but in the high-performance R/T trim only. Technologically speaking, this all-wheel drive system is quite an advancement due to it having a front-axle that has a disconnect function to improve fuel economy. In other words, the all-wheel drive version will nearly match the performance of the rear- drive model when AWD isn't being used.

Final pricing hasn't been announced as of yet, but expect it to remain fairly similar to the outgoing model. If the interior matches the exterior in terms of quality and looks, then it seems like the new Charger could be an instant success.

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