Upcoming BMW M3 CS Won't Be The Last Special Edition G80 M3

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Something exciting is coming in 2024 or 2025.

The G80 BMW M3 may have been overshadowed by the reveal of the new M2, M4 CSL, and XM SUV this year, but the company isn't done with this hot sedan just yet. According to a user going by the name of "ynguldyn" on the Bimmerpost forum, BMW is gearing up to launch a special version of the G80 M3 somewhere around 2024 to 2025.

This company insider is known for sharing accurate information long before BMW itself does officially, so we have high hopes for another special M3 before this generation of the sporty sedan waves goodbye. Of course, with the planned M3 CS not yet revealed and only expected to go into production in 2023, one wonders what this 2024/2025 model could be.

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The Bimmerpost user suggested that the 2024/2025 special edition M3 could be an updated CS. This year, the regular 3 Series range was on the receiving end of a major facelift - or Life Cycle Impulse in BMW speak - but since the M3 has its own design language, its own facelift could be coming at a later stage. A mid-decade special edition M3 also isn't a shock since it looks like a new 3 Series will only arrive by 2027.

If it's not an M3 CS at all, the insider suggested that it could be something "similar." This would suggest a more powerful M3 with a few styling alterations and less weight to lug around. The imminent M3 CS is expected to get close to the M4 CSL's 543-horsepower output, although an independent dyno run showed that the M4 CSL is making over 600 horses at the wheels.

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While the M4 CSL is 240 pounds lighter than the regular M4, we don't expect the M3 CS to shave quite as much weight off as this. However, the cumulative effect of all the small changes to the engine, chassis, and body will likely make this the best-driving G80 M3 yet. It could also come with the individual bucket seats like the M5 CS, but since the M3 CS has only been spied partially concealed with camo, there's no way to know this for sure.

It's possible the 2024/2025 M3 won't be badged a CS at all, but this is the less likely scenario. An even more extreme, track-focused M3 GTS is also unlikely. Whatever the case, BMW knows that it can't afford to get complacent. It needs to keep the excitement high for the G80 M3 in the face of more powerful rivals like the new Mercedes-AMG C63.

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2022-2023 BMW M3 Sedan Front View
2022-2023 BMW M3 Sedan Rear View
2022-2023 BMW M3 Sedan Motor

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