Upcoming Cadillac CT6 To Borrow Elements From The Buick Avenir Concept

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Probably good news also for those who are hoping the Avenir sees production.

We still don't know exactly what the upcoming Cadillac CT6 flagship sedan will look like, but a recent report from Automobile Magazine quotes an unnamed source which offers a few previously unknown details about the car. Among the more important of these is that the CT6 will share several design elements with the Avenir concept that Buick debuted at the Detroit Auto Show last month. Of course, this shouldn't be a huge surprise, as we already knew that the cars share a platform.

We actually only know of a few specific things the cars share, chiefly the concept's large infotainment screen and the redundant screens for the back seats located on the back of the front seat headrests. The only other shared element we know for sure is the t-handle automatic transmission shifter, although this fact alone is probably not enough to sway any potential buyers. Apart from that, the unnamed source just said that, although the CT6 isn't quite as big as the German luxury cars with will be up against, it does have "an interior that looks like something from a $100,000 car."

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Source Credits: www.automobilemag.com

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