Upcoming Kia GT Look Pretty Sweet Hot-Lapping The Ring


Shame it doesn't sound all the great at the moment.

Though most of the major sporty Korean car news is coming from the Hyundai camp, it's important to remember that Kia's also heading towards a more performance-focused future. Our colleagues in Europe, for instance, can now experience a Soul with 200-hp-plus, and also have the cee'd GT and pro_cee'd GT that we're sadly denied here in the States. Thankfully, one performance-oriented vehicle we should be getting is the Kia GT sports sedan - and this new spy video from The Korean Car Blog suggests only good things.

Of course, there's only so much you can tell from a development car being pounded around the Nurburgring Nordschleife (and even less when you can't deduce how far along the track shakedown tests have been going on for), but what we can deduce from the camoflaged Kia GT development car is rather encouraging so far.

For instance, the body lean as the GT goes through the bends appears fairly well controlled, with the suspension setup also coping rather admirably with the bumps and undulations in the 'Ring's road surface. Even more encouraging is the fact the Kia appears to soak a lot of this punishment up whilst being hustled along at a pretty brisk pace, and overall looks like a very balanced sports sedan. In fact, our only big criticism is the fact the engine appears to be a bit too quiet for our liking - though that could in part be due to the fact it's mostly drowned out in the spy video by the tire squeal. Make the exhaust a bit more rorty, Kia, and we can see ourselves liking the GT a lot when it goes on sale within the next couple of years.

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