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There is a certain group of people who feel let down by a visit to the local Rolls-Royce or Bentley dealership. Try not to pity them. For someone who prefers a two-door driver's uber luxury car, these brands don't offer a huge selection. From Rolls-Royce your only option is the Phantom, and while Bentley can offer either the Brooklands or the Continental, anybody with any taste would stick to the Brooklands. Which is good, because it also costs more.

These are excellent cars, but some would prefer to spend a lot more money on their two door luxury car, and these people have been feeling left out. Enter the Maybach Xenatec coupe, costing more than the Phantom and Brooklands combined, this will be the first driver's Maybach. The Maybach Xenatec is based on the 57S, but extensive changes have been made to the body. Beyond simply hacking off some of the length, there have also been some styling changes to give the coupe a more sporting appearance.

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While a sporting appearance on a car which still weighs slightly more than a standard suburban ranch house might seem absurd, the coupe will at least have the 612 horsepower twin-turbo V12 from the 57S. The interior of the coupe is somewhat confusing. Mercedes has decided to keep as much of the rear legroom and backseat toys as possible. This isn't really a bad thing, but if this is a car that is meant to be driven by the owner rather than a chauffeur, what would the purpose of an extra set of gauges for the backseat passengers be? Perhaps they're there because it's a Maybach.

It seems that this driver's Maybach is reluctant to part ways with its limousine roots, meaning that even though the Phantom might not cost much more than a Kia in the eyes of some, it's probably more dedicated to its function.

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