Upcoming Polish Supercar Stirs Some Controversy: Is It a Fake?

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Nothing like a potential case of supercar fraud to end the week.

We've been covering the progress of Poland's first supercar, the Arrinera, for some time now. Earlier this month the small company released some details regarding the production car's specs and the fact that Lee Noble designed the independent, multi-link suspension. Now however, new reports coming from Jalopnik and World Car Fans are stating that Polish automotive journalist Jacek Balkan is claiming that the car's builder, Veno SA, has been deceiving potential investors and the car is fake.

He accuses them of doing this in order to increase the public company's share price on the Warsaw Stock Exchange's less regulated NewConnect right before the Arrinera's debut. Balkan stated that the car is nothing more than a "poor replica". He produced images showing that it strongly resembles the Lamborghini El Toro replica from Poland's own Bojar Tuning. In other words, he believes the Arrinera is nothing but a re-skinned El Toro. If you look even closer, you'll see that interior pieces like the air vents, dash panel and even the glove compartment were taken from the Opel Corsa.

An old Audi A6 supposedly served as the donor car for the instrument cluster and the entire electrical system. However, Arrinera quickly replied to the allegations insisting their car is not based on the Bojar Lamborghini replica and that it doesn't use any more components from other cars than do other small automakers such as Pagani, Wiesmann, Noble, or Gumpert. So who's telling the truth and who's not? We'll hopefully have more details for you soon.

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