Upcoming Tesla Holiday Update 2023 Includes Some Party Tricks

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Along with the usual additions of helpful features and bug fixes.

After several leaks online, Tesla has officially announced the upcoming holiday updates this year, slated to roll out next week through an over-the-air update. There are helpful features included, but some are mere party tricks. More importantly, there are omissions from the leaks that we think are necessary to point out.

Tesla listed each feature expected from its models on X. First off the list is the Custom Lock Sounds, which allows owners to replace their vehicle's sound when locking. Several items are on the menu, including Rubber Ducky, Jingle, Old School Horn, and Applause. The most interesting among them is the screaming goat, which we can only imagine would be a freaky sound.

Of note, the default sound for locking a Tesla Model S and the rest of the EV model range is a quick and short honk.

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There's also a new feature called "The Arrival," which is essentially a light show that your Tesla will perform as you arrive.

Tesla will introduce more entertainment for rear passengers by allowing them to play LAN games on the rear touchscreen. Occupants can also pair their Bluetooth headphones with the screen, which can be used while watching shows or playing games. Apple Podcasts will be added to the list of in-cabin entertainment, as well as Castle Doombad, which will be added to the Tesla Arcade. There will be updates to Beach Buggy, Polytopia, and Vampire Survivors game titles, as well.

On the more useful side, Tesla will be adding a blind spot indicator to its EVs - a feature added to the facelifted Model 3 that has yet to reach the US. A red shading will be shown to indicate danger, though Tesla failed to reveal where that red shading will appear.

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Tesla App Trip Planner will be introduced, allowing owners to plan a multi-stop trip on the Tesla mobile app and send it to the vehicle. Meanwhile, on-screen navigation will include warnings for speed cameras, stop signs, and traffic lights.

Tesla will also introduce automatic 911 calls, to be triggered when the airbags deploy, and when viewing your car via the Tesla app, the view from the cameras on the left and right pillars will be added, adding additional angles for the Live Sentry feature. Finally, a 3D reconstruction of the vehicle's surroundings will be shown while parking, which should be significant given the recent improvement in camera quality.

Some notable omissions from leaks include the ability to filter between two charging speeds in the map and automatic blind spot cameras.

The Texas-based automaker noted that the availability of the new features depends on the vehicle and location. The exact date of the rollout wasn't disclosed either.

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