UPDATE: Alcohol Was Involved In The Koenigsegg Agera Crash

Yes, drinking and driving is still a terrible idea.

We recently brought you the news about one of the mostexpensive crashes we’ve ever seen: a wrecked Koenigsegg Agera in Shanghai,China. The Supercar Kids (TSK) has recently brought the latest bit of news tolight about the incident and it’ll make you even more upset. According to TSK, awitness heard the rumble of a sports car followed by a loud bang and went outto see that the vehicle had rotated 270 degrees and hit the sidewalk with itsrear-right wheel lying the road. Apparently, the driver thought it was a good idea to go for a drive after drinking.

The report goes on to state that the 26-year-old behind thewheel of the Agera was driving while under the influence and was stuck in thevehicle for roughly two hours before help arrived. As if driving under theinfluence wasn’t bad enough, the police are investigating whether the driverwas actually the owner of the Agera as rumors are stating that the supercarwasn’t displaying a registration plate. The supercar is currently being held ina garage in Chongquing, China and will most likely return to Sweden to berepaired by Koenigsegg. We’re sure this story will continue to evolve as timepasses, so we’ll update the story as new details arise.

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