UPDATE: Clarkson Punched A Producer And The Rest Of This Season's Top Gear Is Cancelled

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And on that bombshell...

Time may be up for Jeremy Clarkson at the BBC as new reports are coming in detailing what exactly the Top Gear host did that warranted his suspension. The Daily Mail (always a source of reliable info) as well as the Radio Times are claiming that Clarkson punched a Top Gear producer in an incident that occurred last week. The reason? The assistant producer was late bringing Clarkson his dinner. Seriously? We always figured Clarkson to be an eccentric at times, but he's got a bit of a short fuse, too.

With Clarkson's suspension, the BBC has also announced that the remaining three episodes of Top Gear season 22 have been cancelled. That's right, no Top Gear this Sunday. Not unexpectedly, there's been massive debate about Clarkson on social media over the last several hours with a new hashtag on Twitter: #BringBackClarkson. Fittingly enough, it's apparently the new acronym for the BBC. Clarkson's co-presenters, Richard Hammond and James May, also joined the Twitter flurry by pretty much mocking the network's decision. But for the BBC to outright cancel the rest of the Top Gear season means it's missing out on lots of money. Could it be testing the water for a post-Clarkson era?

Could Clarkson be replaced? If so, by whom? Here at CarBuzz we're fans of Chris Harris but he told us at Geneva last week he has no interest in the job. Perhaps a multi-million dollar payday could change his mind. If the BBC does ditch Clarkson, who do you think should take his place? And on that bombshell...

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