UPDATE: Blue BMW Drivers Are Officially The Worst


If the Daily Mail says it's true then there's absolutely no doubt about it.

Last month it was reported by the Wall Street Journal that BMW drivers really are the biggest douchebag drivers on the road today. The publication even had statistical evidence to back up this claim. But today things are going a little more in-depth in regards to which of those BMW drivers are the absolute worst of the worst when it comes to asshole driving. According to the Daily Mail (a publication that's always striving for journalistic integrity), men who drive blue BMWs "are more likely to be aggressive than motorists in any other car."

Specifically, these are guys between the ages of 35-50, and blue was identified as the most aggressive color, with black, silver, green and red following. However, this study was conducted in the UK, another country that apparently has douche BMW drivers. So we don't know whether drivers of blue BMWs in the US are as bad as they are in the UK, but we wouldn't be shocked if they were. This same UK survey also found that those who drive Land Rovers, Audis, Subarus and Vauxhalls are also known to be a bunch of local assholes.

Source Credits: dailymail.co.uk

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