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Ford is trying to gain some attention before the Frankfurt Auto Show by announcing four new vehicles that will debut in Germany.

Update from CarBuzz's breaking report on Ford Announces Four New Cars for Frankfurt. From Porsche to Jaguar, everyone is getting new models and concepts ready for the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show this September. Ford has been hyping up their lineup for the premier auto show of Germany by releasing a few hints as to what people can expect from the American automaker.

Four models are expected to debut in Frankfurt, the most intriguing of which could be what they are calling 'a new design concept.' Also, we can expect to see the Vertrek Concept production version which could end up replacing Ford's Escape in the U.S. We might even see a Fiesta performance car in the form of an EcoBoost Fiesta ST. A more realistic model for the present would be the next Ford Focus in the form of a performance car. Autoguide speculates it could be the production version of the Focus ST hatchback which features a turbocharged 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine with an output of 247hp.

From our previous article, we reported about Ford having reportedly reserved a 3200 square-meter floor space along with an additional 2800 square-meter test track for spectators to check out the Ford 'Drive Experience.' In all, this undertaking is the automaker's most ambitious effort ever for the Frankfurt show. According to Ford of Europe CEO Stephen Odell, "Ford plans to make a strong statement at Frankfurt... with several very exciting global products reveals and our significantly expanded show stand." Ford is explicitly being coy in their descriptions of the new models as to not give anything away and to further build the hype surrounding their new cars.

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