Update: The Beverley Hills Joyriders Won't Get Justice

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Flee the city and leave police dumbfounded.

As this story continues to baffle everyone involved in it, especially the Beverley Hills Police Department, it seems that the assholes we've been reporting about have finally gotten away with the perfect crime. After racing through a crowded neighborhood in their Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche GT3, the two drivers threatened the reporter who filmed them on video and then went on to tell police that they were protected by diplomatic immunity, invoking their Qatari citizenship. Soon, it turned out that they were not eligible for such immunity.

According to some reports, the drivers were linked to the Qatari royal family, however the police claims that it cannot spot the drivers in the video we've seen. To make matters worse, it seems that the men involved have skipped town. Apparently, the rented house they were staying in has been vacated, along with the cars seen in the video. Of course, a smoking yellow LaFerrari will certainly blend into the crowd, so losing a suspect in such a car is certainly justified on behalf of the police. Real justice, however, will not be served in this case.

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