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Updated Aston Rapide Uncovered

Aston's only four-door model is getting a DB9-style refresh for 2013, and it's been spotted virtually undisguised by our paparazzi.

Aston Martin is preparing a facelift for the "four-door sports car" known as the Rapide. The initial speculation was that Gaydon was preparing a substantially enhanced Rapide S, however it now appears that it's only being given a slight nip/tuck for the 2013 model year - similar to the changes applied to its two-door counterpart, the DB9, in order to keep it fresh and in stride with the rest of the line. Our intrepid spy photographers spotted on the street a virtually undisguised prototype of the facelifted Rapide, save for a strip of tape on the front grille.

The facelift incorporates a new front bumper with a larger grille and a redesigned air intake underneath. The revised tail end is punctuated yb a new rear spoiler. The updated style reflects that of the recently launched Vanquish. To go with the facelift, the Rapide's 470-horsepower 6.0-liter V12 is expected to be tweaked for a bit more power. Whether or not that significantly changes shaves the current model's five-second 0-60 time or increases its 183-mph top speed remains to be seen, but we're expecting the revised four-door Aston to debut later in 2012 or early 2013.

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