Updated BMW i3 Concept Debuts as the Hatch Nears Production

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The BMW i3 Concept is nearing its production launch of 2013.

BMW just opened their first showroom dedicated to their brand-new lineup the eco-friendly 'i' car sub-brand. The new showroom is located at London's Park Lane and at the event was an updated version of the i3 Concept Hatchback. The i3 Concept is scheduled to head into production next year and the updated version on display in the dealership shows off a more production-ready interior and exterior. The exterior features a new color while the interior has been completely redesigned.

"What we see here is 85 to 90 per cent production ready. Very close, but visual details like doors can be expected to change - the i8 spider shown in Beijing didn't have see-through doors so that gives clues," said the Head of i Design Benoit Jacob. The BMW i3 utilizes the company's new 'Live and Drive' architecture. The 'Drive' component consists of a 168hp rear-mounted electric motor good for 0-40mph in 4 seconds and a 0-62mph sprint of 8 seconds. With 6 hours of charging time required for a range of 140 miles, the functional hatchback will compete well with its competition.

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