Updated Honda CR-Z to Debut in Paris

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Refreshed hybrid sport-hatch to spearhead a slew of facelifts from the Japanese automaker at the Paris Motor Show.

Honda is bringing a small fleet of mildly-revised models to the Paris Motor Show this month, and the CR-Z is one of them. Without revealing a complete set of details, the Japanese carmaker confirmed the 2013 CR-Z has received revisions to the exterior and cabin as well as some more power. From the full front photo, the most obvious change is to the front grille and redesigned bumper. Both the 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine and electric motor have also been tweaked.

Expect more than the 122 horsepower the current unit puts out, but less than the CR-Z GT which Mugen is fielding in the Super GT series in Japan. Despite a boost in performance, Honda claims fuel economy and CO2 emissions will not be compromised. Honda also confirmed it will be unveiling the Civic 1.6-liter i-DTEC, the new CR-V SUV and Honda EV-STER, the marque's next-gen electric small sports concept, all at the Paris Motor Show.

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