UPS Goes Green 100 Strong in California

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UPS has just added 100 electric delivery vans to its Californian fleet.

The United Parcel Service has upped its green game with 100 new electric delivery vans joining their fleet in California. Though it may sound like a nominal change, this is actually the single-largest implementation for zero-emission delivery vehicles in the history of California. UPS believes that the new vans will save roughly 126,000 gallons of diesel gas a year due to the huge miles the vans put on the road.

"UPS's research and development of alternative technologies has determined it is time to explore electric drive systems within the short-range segment of our delivery fleet. This purchase is an important first step in supporting investment and advancement in electric vehicle technology. EVI's vehicle met our requirements in the test phase. Now we will operate these vehicles in the real world and help establish the future viability of this technology," said UPS's director of vehicle engineering Mike Britt. Electric Vehicles International from Stockton, California delivered the delivery trucks to UPS.

Numbering 100 in total, the vans have a 90-mile electric range and accent UPS' "Green Fleet," which already comprise of 2,200 alternative fuel vehicles. The fleet comprised of only 28 electric vans running in NYC and Europe prior to this delivery.

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