Upside Down Car at "LeMons" is Just Bonkers Awesome

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Presenting what's likely the world's first and only upside Camaro.

No, "LeMons" in this case is spelled correctly. Don't mistake it for the iconic French endurance race, 24 Hours of Le Mans. LeMons endurance races take place across the US but unlike its French namesake, automakers and racing teams don't pour millions of dollars into the event. The teams who compete can't spend more than $500 on their cars, hence they're all lemons. A LeMons event is currently taking place at New Jersey Motorsports Park, where one particular entrant is making waves...and is the source of some serious laughter.

This upside-down Camaro was built by someone who clearly has a sense of humor. The guy combined a 1990 Ford Festiva with '99 Chevy Camaro. Word now coming is that its clutch is completely shot, and the car has been retired to the pit lanes. Definitely a lemon, but a downright awesome one at that.

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