Upturned Ferrari Modena Will Probably Never Be Street Worthy Again

It’s always a sad time seeing a beautiful car treated horribly.

We all know a lot of money can buy you the car of your dreams, but this guy forgot to buy a set of skills to go with his beautiful red Ferrari 360 Modena. Try not to cringe as you watch this driver encounter some over-steer then plummet the $150,000 Ferrari over a steep embankment. When the car hits the tree line, you hear the sound of glass shattering and the body crumpling as the Ferrari tumbles, coming to a stop on its roof. After the crash we see the car winched over onto its wheels and shamefully dragged onto a flatbed.

The horrible noises made as the car lands on its wheels will make you quiver. The driver only suffered from cuts on his head and the passenger was unharmed. The car, however, was completely totaled.

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