Urban Outlaw Returns to Leno's Garage

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Magnus Walker brings yet another customized 911 to the Denim Chin's garage.

Magnus Walker, also known as the Urban Outlaw, is one of a kind. Not only is he a clothing designer, but also a Porsche fanatic who owns and maintains his own garage where he customizes old 911s with his signature touches. He paid a previous visit to Jay Leno's garage with one of his custom 911s, and now he returns with another of his unique creations. His 911 STR is a combination of two of his favorite 911s, the race-ready ST and the R which really put Porsche on the map in the latest Sixties.

By taking elements of both, his STR is loaded with special cosmetic touches that many Porsche enthusiasts will instantly recognize. With plenty of interior details including a vintage steering wheel, the car, according to Leno, is "like driving an orchestra."

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