Urus to be 'Cheapest' Lamborghini?

Latest reports suggest new Rambo Lambo could undercut Gallardo's price by 20,000 euros and triple Lamborghini's production.

The last time Lamborghini made an SUV - called the LM002 or "Rambo Lambo" - it produced barely more than 300 examples. But if the higher-ups in the Volkswagen Group give the new Urus the green light, it could stand to be ten times as prolific. The latest reports indicate that the business case being presented by Lamborghini for the Urus project would peg production at around 3,000 units annually, which by itself would triple the Raging Bull marque's sales figures currently reached by the Gallardo and Aventador lines.

That's because the Urus, if approved for production, would undercut the price of the base Gallardo by a good 20,000 euros, coming in at around 170k. That would still make it the most expensive SUV on the market, superceding even the most generously equipped Cayenne from sister-company Porsche and any offerings from Range Rover, which long stood at the pinnacle of the luxury SUV market. The Urus would not necessarily stand at that level alone for long, however. Bentley, Maserati and Aston Martin are all hard at work on luxurious, exotic, high-performance SUVs of their own. We smell one heck of a comparison test coming on in the coming years.

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