US Automakers Tell Biden To Go Big With Subsidies

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The president's infrastructure plan will be unveiled tomorrow.

Automakers, suppliers and unions are continuing to push President Biden for a comprehensive plan on electric vehicles, now in a six-page letter delivered on Monday. It notes that electric vehicles still only make up less than 2 percent of US passenger vehicles. Biden is set to reveal his $3 trillion infrastructure plan today and as you can guess, the whole industry is hopeful, looking for support.

"We need a comprehensive plan that takes the present market realities into consideration," said the letter, which was seen by Reuters. "Neither the current trajectory of consumer adoption of EVs, nor existing levels of federal support for supply- and demand-side policies, is sufficient to meet our goal of a net-zero carbon transportation future."

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"To fully transition is going to require an enormous effort across the economy in every sector," said John Bozzella, who heads the Alliance for Automobile Innovation that represents General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen and others, and signed the letter along with Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association CEO Bill Long.

"The nations that lead the development and adoption of these types of technologies are also going to shape the supply chains and the job creation and define global standards and potentially reshape international markets," he told reporters. "This is an opportunity to assert American leadership, to win in the marketplace and to support American workers and so that's really what we want to continue to work with the Biden administration and in Congress to do."

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Automakers are looking for more tax incentives for both manufacturing and buying EVs. It says they want government grants to "expand and establish" EV facilities and "accelerate the domestic manufacturing of batteries, power electronics and electric motors." Obviously, the global microchip shortage will have something to say about it. But that won't last forever.

There are currently about 100,000 public chargers nationwide, Biden has pledged to add 400,000 more. We'll have to wait until later to see what the plan is. And then we'll wait some more as congress fights over the future of our planet.

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