US-Bound 2018 Mercedes A-Class Sedan Will Not Be Built In Germany

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Hint: Production will take place in President Trump's "favorite" foreign country.

Last summer we learned, and has since be reconfirmed in this latest report from Automotive News, that the next-generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class will be coming to America. Currently, the outgoing A-Class is a hatchback sold overseas only. The closest Americans could get to having one is the CLA-Class four-door coupe. But Mercedes feels it's time to bring the redesigned A-Class to the US, but as a sedan only. Although the German automaker has yet to confirm an official price, sources are claiming it'll begin at just under $30,000.


It's a very attractive car for younger people," said Mercedes global sales chief, Britta Seeger. "But not only for younger people - it can have a broad audience because it's a nice entrance into the Mercedes-Benz family." Built on an updated version of the front-wheel-drive platform underpinning the CLA and GLA crossover, the A-Class sedan is certainly an interesting choice to bring stateside, given the huge demand for crossovers, but Mercedes obviously feels there's a market. Its main target will undoubtedly be the Audi A3 sedan, itself having experienced solid sales figures. "We truly believe that now with the body style we have the right answer for the market," Seeger added.

However, that so far unconfirmed sub-$30k base price will, like all luxury cars, quickly go due north once customers start tacking on extras options and packages. When all is said and done, figure the typical A-Class buyer will be spending at least $35,000. And then there's this piece of information some potential buyers may find relevant: the A-Class will not be made in Germany. Nor will it be made anywhere in Europe. China? Nope. Try Mexico. This same report claims A-Class production will take place at new Nissan-Daimler joint venture assembly plant in Mexico. The vehicle picture here is the A Sedan Concept shown last April in Shanghai, and chances are the production version will look pretty similar.

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