US Dealership Has Three Nissan Z Models For Sale

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There's an expected markup but that's not the biggest problem.

While US-based Nissan dealers await sparse allocations for the highly-anticipated Z sports car, another US dealer appears to have several in stock.

The Nissan Guam dealer is located in the US territory of Guam, way out in the Pacific Ocean. While Guam might seem like an exotic far-off land, these are US-spec 2023 Nissan Z cars listed for marked-up prices in USD.

We recently reported that Nissan dealers were getting one Proto-spec Z based on sales of 10 or more over the 2019 and 2020 calendar years. Then they had a formula and a roadmap for more allocations but the Nissan Guam dealer appears to have one blue and two yellow Performance Spec Z-cars available.

Nissan Guam / Facebook

The Seiran Blue Performance trim Z is listed for $58,287 on Facebook marketplace by a sales rep, which is a $8,300 markup over the $49,990 Performance trim.

Initially, only the one blue automatic Z was available for sale, but three in total have now appeared on the dealership website inventory. The other two are listed and have a stock number but no details as to what trim they are or if they come with the nine-speed automatic paddle shifter or the more desirable six-speed manual transmission. The two yellow Z-cars are a bit more of a premium at $61,287, which may make them Proto Spec or manual but with the same 400-hp twin-turbo V6 that buyers are salivating over and tuners cannot wait to dissect.

Nissan Guam

Nissan Z pricing has already been announced with a $39,990 base price and $49,990 for the Performance trim and the Proto Spec topping out at $52,990 for the privilege to be first on the block. At the base price, the 2023 Nissan Z is an outstanding sports car value considering it's $3,500 less than a 255-hp four-banger Supra but more powerful than the top trim 382-hp GR Supra.

We have reached out to both Nissan and Nissan Guam for clarity on the markups here. Surely Nissan corporate in Tennessee would be interested in investigating as markups are generally frowned upon, as was the case with Ford on the Lightning with 100% markup at certain dealers. Maybe there are different rules for US territories but three Guam residents will be the new drift boss in their corner of the small island very soon.

Nissan Guam / Facebook
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