US Porsche Dealers Begging Germany For More Macans


And to think, years ago some thought a Porsche SUV would bomb.

Since hitting US dealerships last May, the current waiting list for a new Porsche Macan has been six months or more. A total of 7,241 Macans were sold during its first seven months on sale and Porsche dealers are literally screaming for increased allocation. Thing is, Porsche HQ can't keep up with global demand. The Macan has been such a hit in the US that Porsche will meet its goal of 50,000 annual vehicle sales by 2018, three years early.

Porsche sold 47,007 vehicles in the US in 2014, and 2015 is predicted to be an even better year. And yet there was a time when some didn't believe a Porsche SUV would sell. The Cayenne and now the Macan has proved those critics wrong. Porsche is planning to increase the number of US-bound Macans for 2015 but a precise number hasn't been announced. Will there still be a wait list? Probably, but hopefully it won't be half-a-year long.

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