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Usain Bolt Steps Up Excitement with Special GT-R

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We don't know exactly what a Director of Excitement does for a company like Nissan, but one charitable buyer will find out when this one-of-a-kind GT-R goes up for auction.

Walk. Jog. Run. Sprint. Bolt. GT-R. That's the order of things when it comes to speed, because one of the only things faster on this earth than Usain Bolt is Nissan's high-tech supercar. It's only fitting, then, that the two have come together in such spectacular style. We first reported on this one-of-a-kind gilded GT-R last month, but Nissan has now released further photos and video footage of its collaboration with the star sprinter who serves as the company's Director of Excitement.

Bolt had this new Premium-spec 2014 GT-R decked out in the same tone as the medals he's accrued. Complete with Bolt's signature, the car will be put up for auction on November 22 on eBay Motors, with the proceeds from the sale earmarked to benefit the Usain Bolt Foundation that helps children back in the runner's home country of Jamaica.

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