Used Car Dealer Orders Demon, Selling It For $175,999


No doubt it will get every penny too.

Dealership markups, despite the best efforts of some automakers, are going to happen. It's just how things are. But some of the markups for the highly sought after Dodge Challenger SRT Demon are pretty ridiculous. With an MSRP of $86,090, the Demon is an 840-hp street legal drag racer that's actually something of a bargain. And then the markups arrive, eliminating that reasonable sticker price. Take this dealership, Custom Cars West, for example.

With an expected delivery in the first quarter of next year, it's selling a Challenger Demon in Blue Pearl Coat for an insane $175,999 - just over double the MSRP. Located in Englewood, Colorado, Custom Cars West is actually a high-end used car dealership that somehow managed to get a Demon on order. A good guess is that someone sold them their slot number, and then they placed the order themselves. And yes, this Demon really does exist because Custom Cars West has the build sheet. Only 3,300 Demons are being built, 3,000 for the US and 300 for Canada, so every Demon is in hot demand. So hot that Custom Cars West is charging double. And here's the thing: they'll get it.

Someone will be more than willing to fork over nearly $200k for one of the greatest muscle cars of all time. If you recall, Dodge did its best to setup a mechanism to avoid massive dealership markups (like this one), but the problem here is that Dodge can't do anything to stop this. That's because Custom Cars West doesn't appear to be an official Dodge dealership, so, theoretically, it's not doing anything wrong.


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