Using A Frozen Lake As A Parking Lot Is A Terrible Idea

A total of 21 cars broke the ice and went for a chilly dip.

Parking on ice is always a risky bet. Sure, really frozen ice can easily support the weight of a car but think of the worst case scenario: Your car breaks through the ice and goes for a swim. That would suck. Unfortunately that’s what happened recently in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. A total of 21 cars parked on the not-so-frozen lake broke through the ice. The lake was used as a parking lot because parking for the US Snow Sculpting Competition (seriously) was scarce. Luckily no one was hurt and the cars were quickly towed out.

The only question left is, what’s worse: Having your car fall through a semi-frozen lake or having it be frozen by the waves from a freezing lake? Trust us, there’s a difference but both equally suck.

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