V12 Bucci Special To Be Argentina's First Supercar

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The first supercar from a country with a proud motoring tradition.

When you think about it, it's kind of odd that no supercars come from Argentina. It's the country that gave us Juan Manuel Fangio, Alejandro de Tomaso and Horacio Pagani, three towering automotive legends. But another Argentine F1 driver, Clemar Bucci (of Fangio's era), had hoped to change that, and began work on a new supercar which would bear his name. Bucci passed away in 2011, but the project has moved forward, and will soon debut.

The roofless car is powered by a 7.3-liter AMG-sourced V12 which sends its 600 horsepower though a Pagani-built six-speed transmission. The car will debut at the Buenos Aires Motor Show which kicks off this week. We unfortunately don't know a whole lot more about the car, other that the fact that the company is still in the hands of the Bucci family. We're eager to see if the car makes it to other markets, to say nothing of how much we want to see what it can do.

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