V12 Supercar Cadillac Refused To Make Comes To Life

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It's based on the C8 Corvette.

Around 20 years ago, Cadillac turned out some wild concept cars. Who can forget the bonkers Sixteen, not to mention the mid-engined V12 Cien?

Caddy is done with all that nonsense now, investing heavily in EVs like the Lyriq. The CT5-V Blackwing will likely be the last ICE performance car from the famed American brand, but what a way to go. All is not lost, however.

A US company called Competition Carbon is building an homage car to celebrate Cadillac's 120th anniversary next year. It's called the C120R, and it's a mid-engined supercar.

Competition Carbon
Competition Carbon
Competition Carbon

Luckily for Competition Carbon, the US finally has a somewhat readily available mid-engined platform to work with. In case you missed it the first thousand times it was reported, the C8 Corvette finally made a move over from front-engine to mid-engine.

That's just about the only part Competition Carbon uses because the rest of the exterior is entirely different. To bring this design to life, Competition Carbon is not using carbon fiber. Instead, it will use an SLA resin and a 3D printer. The latter has been making life a lot easier for fabricators.

The design is out there - precisely what you want from a supercar. We dig the vertical LEDs, but the rear is the most aggressive. In addition to quad exhaust pipes, it has an active rear wing and a massive diffuser.

Competition Carbon
Competition Carbon
Competition Carbon

We're not 100% sure whether all the design elements are aerodynamically functional, but who cares? We love the fact that it looks wild.

Two engine options will be offered, and one of them is said to be a V12. The source of the V12 is not known, and we're not aware of any V12 crate engines being sold at the moment. Whatever it is, it's bound to be massive because we can't help but notice that giant air intake on the roof.

The other engine is not mentioned, but since the C8's V8 already does such a good job, Competition Carbon will likely want to keep it as is.

The C120R will be unveiled at the 2023 SEMA Motor Show.

Competition Carbon
Competition Carbon

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