V8-Powered DeLorean Alpha2 Will Enter Production

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This limited-run car is so 90s it'll come with "In Utero" in the glove box.

In case you haven't heard, DeLorean isn't run by a DeLorean anymore. The company has some new custodians, and they're shaking things up a bit. The new DeLorean firm has shown off a number of new cars. Some were just wild concepts. Others, however, have the potential to be very, very real.

Speaking to Top Gear, DMC boss Joost de Vries said that the brand's Alpha2 concept - a V8-powered coupe that will give Corvette Stingray owners nightmares - will get a "small run" of its own. Originally, that wasn't the plan. In fact, the Alpha2 wasn't even supposed to be a real car.


DeLorean imagined this car a while back to show a sort of "lineage" leading up to the Alpha 5 concept. Think of it like this: this car is part of a line of cars that could have been made by DeLorean in the time since the death of the original DMC-12.

Apparently, the response to the Alpha 2 was so strong, that DeLorean is now going to make a small run of them. "We had so many requests for [Alpha2] to be made, so we'll probably do a very small run," de Vries confirmed.


"The Alpha2 was born out of a DeLorean project called the DMC 24 that was never in production," de Vries continued. "It's a Barchetta, an open-top coupe, V8-powered, and it was the logical evolution to the DMC-12." You read right. DeLorean will build a V8-powered DMC-12 successor. But it's so much more interesting than that.

"It's [Alpha2] purely a reinterpretation," de Vries says. "We went to Italdesign with every concept car of that decade [the Nineties], all the pop culture, old art, all the details around it. We built a design studio in Italy of the Nineties, and we told Italdesign to design a car of the Nineties with all the effects and tools of the Nineties."


It appears that de Vries really meant what he said about making a car that was a product of the 90s in every way. It'll even come with special storage spots for your spare pair of JNCO jeans. Jokes aside, the man meant it when he said the tools of the decade were used to produce the car.

"Blue papers with white lines, I mean we really went back to the tools of that era. It's awesome. I mean, you're building 40 years of legacy in nine months, basically, and it's just been so incredible to work with Italdesign on that." For now, we've nothing but de Vries' own words on that V8 powerplant. Let's hope it comes to fruition.

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Source Credits: Top Gear

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