V8 Vroom Will Be Replaced by Exhaust Sound Systems

With engine sizes downgraded for efficiency, Faurecia SA thinks your car should at least sound like an eight-pot.

It’s no secret that many automakers are currentlydownsizing their engines, moving from the high-displacement motors of old tonew, more efficient and equally-performing powertrains. Even Ferrari, with itsnew California T, is making the switch, installing the first turbo in almosttwo decades (though still, thankfully, a V-8). But French auto-parts company,Faurecia SA, feels that customers shouldn’t be forced to live without thesignature vroom of the old days’ V8.

The company has developed a technique calledExhaust Dynamic Sound Generation. Fitted to the car’s exhaust, the system’s softwareactivates a small amplifier and speaker that adapt themselves to vehicleacceleration, emitting the proper sounds through the tailpipe. The system alsocancels out annoyances like turbo-whirring, replacing them with theeardrum-pleasing sound of a six or eight cylinder engine. While this system won’tgive us back the power and feel of our old engines, at least our rides canstill make an impression when speeding off at a stoplight.

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