Valence Technologies Debuts C-ZEN at Geneva

2011 Geneva Motor Show / Comments

Just unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the C-ZEN electric concept offers something most other EVs don't: battery reliability in hot weather. As the word is still out in regards to batteries in extreme weather conditions, Valence Technologies, out of Austin Texas, teamed up with Courb to create the C-ZEN. It has a 15kW electric motor and one of Valence's patented lithium-iron-magnesium-phosphate battery packs.

It has an impressive 125 mile range and a top speed of 68 mph. Valence claims the car is "pollution free" and is capable of extended use at high temperatures without a decline in overall performance. The C-ZEN is being targeted for young, urban dwellers in European cities who have shorter work commutes. As of now, it's only a concept. And if it were to make production, this is one EV that's much more interesting than many others on the market - especially if the concept design remains relatively intact.

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