Valentino Rossi Drives NASCAR

There's no doubt that Valentino Rossi is the fastest man on two wheels. But how would he do in a stock car?

While some racing series see numerous drivers trading places at the front, in others there’s a clear champion who’s placed himself far and away at the front of the pack. That was Michael Schumacher in F1 for years, and now it’s Sebastian Vettel. Sebastien Loeb dominated the World Rally Championship with nine titles. But in MotoGP that place of dominance belongs to Valentino Rossi (who has won the championship nine times), and in the NASCAR Nationwide series, to Kyle Busch (who has won 55 races). So it only seemed fitting that the two should meet.

And meet they did this past Monday when Rossi climbed inside Busch’s #54 Toyota Camry at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. After watching Busch lap the 1.5-mile track, Rossi got behind the wheel of a stock car for the first time, and within a few laps, was already posting lap times that placed him within the top 15, making him faster than half the drivers in the test session. Which only goes to show that there’s no substitute for talent. The meeting was arranged by Monster Energy, which sponsors both Rossi's Yamaha YZR-M1 and Busch's 650hp Camry, and follows Rossi’s previous F1 tests for Ferrari. Now let's see how he does in a Sprint Cup car.

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