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Valet Completely Destroys Ferrari 599 GTO And Italian Storefront


Aren't valets trained to know the difference between the brake and accelerator?

By the time you read about this wrecked Ferrari 599 GTO the valet who was behind the wheel will likely be filing for unemployment. The driver was supposed to take the car from a garage to its Dutch owners, who were visiting Rome as part of a trip to an owners' meetup in the town of Anzio. The couple were a mere few blocks down the street at the Hotel Exedra when they sent for their car. Unfortunately for them they handed the keys to the wrong guy and it cost them.

The valet apparently mistook the gas pedal for the brake, which caused him to accelerate and smash into a storefront. The damage appears excessive, even for a valet, which makes us wonder just how fast the guy was going. An insurance company is now investigating the accident. Insurance fraud committed by valets seems incredibly complex, but it's likely that it has happened before. As for the car it’s currently a curiosity among the citizens of Rome who have stopped to grab photos of it. You’d think they would have seen enough wrecked Ferraris to last a lifetime.

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