Valmet Dawn, a Radically New Take on the EV

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The Finnish automaker shows off their EV tech on a new platform in Geneva.

Motor show exhibitors were obsessed in the last few years with EVs. However that was not the case in Geneva where the attention was focused more on real cars rather than on imagined ones. That didn't stop Valmet, the Finnish cars manufacturer and contractor to show a new concept for an EV called Dawn. Its electric engine sticks out of the rear car body (probably only for visibilities sake); the body itself is made of plastic material and painted in a cream color and elegantly wraps around the car.

It supposed to be very aerodynamic and efficient, with wheel hubs covered by elegant lids and body lines flowing like sand dunes. The chassis is of a two seat construction, just like a racing sports car, and it is hard to tell the front from the back of the car. The Dawn comes with two charging options, from universal outlet or a wireless induction system. In designing and building the car, defined by Valmet as a 'demonstrator,' the designers built on Valmet's expertise and experience in electric vehicle production. Currently, Valmet's plant churns out the $100k Fisker Karma and its opposite number the Th!nk car.

Also occupying different market segments both brands are experiencing nowadays existential threats. They also plan on building the Marussia B2, Russia's first high-performance sports car.

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