Vandalizing Cars With Pro-ISIS Stickers At A Canadian Donut Shop Is Apparently A Thing

Or maybe some ISIS guy really hates donuts.

Of all places it was a suburb of Quebec, Canada. The town of Repentigny might have something of a situation to deal with now. According to Montreal Racing, local police are now investigating the vandalizing of a number of cars parked close to a Tim Horton’s donut shop, down the street from the local mall. The cars weren’t physically damaged, but owners and fellow residents were still irked. Somebody put pro-ISIS stickers on the cars that stated the following:

“Convertis-toi sinon”…Translation: “Convert or otherwise…” Charming. Needless to say, police quickly put in a call to the National Police of Quebec (Surete du Quebec) to help with the investigation. No suspects have been arrested just yet, but let's hope this is nothing more than someone's idea of a prank. Or maybe some pro-Islamic State guy hates donuts.

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