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Vanity Fair Makes Special Citroen C1

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Looking for a fashionable little city car? Europe's fashion magazines are lining up to collaborate with automakers. Citroen and Vanity Fair form the latest partnership.

For better or worse, the latest trend in Europe has fashion magazines working with automakers to make special edition hatchbacks. Recent examples have included the GQ edition Fiat 500, Elle edition Nissan Micra and Citroen DS3 by the Italian men's Vogue. Now Citroen and Vanity Fair have made a special C1. The fresh take on the car that's also sold as the Peugeot 107 and Toyota Aygo features all the bells and whistles, and comes with a gloss black roof to contrast with the special red, white, grey or dark grey paints.

The special touches can be more readily seen inside with two-tone leather and textile upholstery with contrasting stitching, unique trim and Vanity Fair logos abound. The special edition is meant to celebrate the magazine's tenth anniversary, but that would presumably be for one of the four European editions, since the US version has been on newsstands since 1983 and traces its roots to a publication that ran from 1913-1935. Although the car comes with a subscription to the magazine, it's the digital edition for smartphones and tablets, not the print version.

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