VATH Tuned Mercedes-Benz CL 500

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The German auto tuning firm VATH Hosbach has released a new project that it has been working on, the black Mercedes-Benz CL500. The conversion consisted of a performance upgrade that saw the vehicle's 5.5-liter engine use sport camshafts, stainless steel sport catalysts and air filters. These improvements saw an increased output of 460-horsepower and an increase in speed to 190 mph.

In order to address this increase in speed and power, the tuners also added stainless steel manifolds, catalytic converters and stainless steel rear silencers. Inside, the interior received adequate refinement with carbon parts that fit perfectly, and high processing precision in either classic black or multi-colored carbon that was used. The cabin is available with a sport steering wheel in several variants and black suede bottom with silver embroidered logo.

VATH Automobiltechnik
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