Vath Tuning Package Juices Up the Runt of the Mercedes-Benz Litter

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The GLA is now a bit more respectable on the road.

Vath is doing its best to make the entry level Mercedes-Benz GLA a little more respectable on the road. The German tuning house is offering a $5,000 package that makes the GLA look and perform better. Your money gets you an ECU re-tune that bumps horsepower from 154 to 181 and torque from 184 lb-ft to 228 lb-ft. You'll also get a sports exhaust system which Vath says should be good for a power bump between 5 and 8 percent.

You'll need to be able to stop all of your newfound GLA speed, which is why the package is rounded out by high-performance brakes and 18-inch alloys with tires to match. While the entire package comes out to $5,000 you can also just elect to pick up each part individually. The GLA definitely won't win many, if any, races but this package does give it a bit more oomph. At the end of the day you could do a whole lot worse for $36,000 (MSRP plus Vath's package).

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