Vath V63 Supercharged C-Class Coupe

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This is the latest tuning program by the German aftermarket specialists.

The German tuning firm is back with a new Mercedes they have dubbed the V63 Supercharged Coupe. Based on a C-Class, performance has been enhanced to 670hp and 620lb-ft of torque and a high-grade steel exhaust system has been added with a sports silencer. A primed radiator grille minus the Mercedes emblem, carbon-fiber front spoiler, air outlet and hood represent the modifications to the front, and a carbon rear diffuser with larger fins, a rear lip gurney and fender enlargement are notable changes to the rear exterior.

A choice of track-widening spacers and a spring set with adjustable dampers lowers the car by 20-65mm for optimal, comfortable driving on the road and track, and the car also sits on 20-inch three-part forged rims with titanium-colored spokes. A high-performance brake system has been fitted including 380mm brake discs at the front axle, a brake line kit and limited-slip differential for improved traction, acceleration and cornering. The carbon-fiber interior has been varnished in piano-black, a leather sport steering wheel and aluminum pedals have been fitted, and the speedometer has been upgraded to 360km/h (224mph).

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