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Vaughn Gittin Deserves His Ford GT (If Anyone Does)

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You know he's gonna share the experience with "the rest of us".

It's hard to say anyone really "deserves" a 650-horsepower supercar. But if anyone deserves a new Ford GT, it's surely Vaughn Gittin Jr. The man has elevated driving Dearborn's finest into an art form. So we're glad to see that he's among the handful of owners to have taken delivery of the twin-turbo beast.

Not least because we know that Gittin is going to share the experience of owning and driving his Ford GT, as he has and does with all his rides. And that's just what he's done with these two latest videos from Ford Performance.

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Gittin, for the unacquainted, is a self-taught racing driver who won the Formula D championship in 2010, and has scored more drifting victories than just about anyone else in the business – all from behind the wheel of his Ford Mustang RTR. So suffice it to say, he's well acquainted with Blue Oval performance machinery.

For his build, Vaughn looked straight past the standard color palette and ordered his GT in a custom shade called Leadfoot Grey – a flat paintjob you'd sooner expect to see on a battleship, but which we've seen on a handful of F-150 Raptors, and looks rather similar to the front end of Vaughn's own Mustang.

He skipped the racing stripes, too, for a monochromatic look that, to our eyes, goes rather well with the black alloys and interior. Slick as it looks, though, Gittin's supercar will be no garage queen. In fact, as you can see in the second video, he's even taken some passengers for ridealong laps at the track, including a cameo by Faheem Rashad Najm – the rapper-turned-drifter better known by his hip-hop handle T-Pain, and whose signature auto-tune vocal sound is rivaled only by the Ford GT's exhaust note.