Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s New 624hp Ford Mustang RTR

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Formula Drift champ updates custom Mustang.

If you want to know about drifting rally cars - Ford Fiestas, to be specific - you go to Ken Block. But when it comes to drifting Mustangs, Vaughn Gittin Jr. is your man. JR races his custom Falken Tires pony car in the Formula Drift Championship, which he won in 2010. But when he's not driving sideways around America's parking lots and speedways, he's working on his own line of Mustangs that he'll sell to any wannabe drifter with the cash on hand.

The product is called the Mustang RTR, and it's a tempting alternative to the usual suspects from the likes of Saleen and Roush. The overall look and feel is more tasteful than you'd expect of a Formula D champ, and now Gittin's crew has released a series of updates for the 2013 model. With full aero kit and 19" rims, the latest Mustang RTR can be had in two trims - the basic Spec 1 (for $6,250 over stock) and the fully-loaded Spec 2 ($11,995) - and in two states of tune: with 525 horsepower or 624. Both are achieved with a Ford Racing supercharger, and the best part is it can all be installed right there at your local dealership.

A new adjustable suspension also allows buyers to tinker with their chassis set-ups for specific road and track conditions. Scope it out in the slick clip below for a closer look.

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