Vector M12 was One of the Coolest 90s Supercars

And it shared the Lamborghini Diablo's V12.

The Vector M12 was the Nineties supercar that sadly never had a chance. Just 14 were made before the company went under. Why was the M12 so awesome? It shared the Lamborghini Diablo’s V12 along with many other essential components, and thanks to that completely insane fiberglass body, it looked like nothing else on the road and years ahead of its time. It was pretty much an American supercar with an Italian engine. It even has scissor doors.

If you've never seen the gorgeous bespoke exotic in action, here’s your chance to see not one, but two Vector M12’s strut their stuff on the open road. Believe us, even capturing these supercars on video is a rare thing.

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