Vehicles For The Zombie Apocalypse

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CarBuzz is here to help with some advice that just might keep you alive When The Man Comes Around.

The zombie apocalypse isn't going to happen all at once. There are several stages to the End of Days, and these stages will each have their own unique challenges which will require the use of very different vehicles. The CarBuzz Zombie Preparedness Committee (CZPC) has taken a bit of time off from prepping our garage/bunker for the inevitable to write up this list of vehicles, complete with a guide to when they will be needed.

Stage I: Chevy Express Van- The first reports of the virus are starting to come out. Amidst all of this confusion, you will need to get supplies out to your bunker in the woods which everybody said you were crazy to build. You don't want to attract too much attention during this phase, since the more people who know what you're doing, the more people you might have to share supplies with. The plain white van is the perfect mix of cargo space and discretion. If you've planned correctly, it should only take a few trips to get everything you'll need. Who's crazy now?

Stage II: Ford Escape Hybrid- Those other survivors did slow you down after all, and you've only made it as far as the suburbs. You've holed up in a shopping mall, or some similar structure, but your supplies are running low. You'll need a vehicle for supply runs, something with decent cargo space and good ground clearance for driving over the bodies of those who didn't make it. Fuel economy is also very important in this situation, as you may be out searching for a long time away from a gas pump, and the Escape's 32mpg is sure to help with that.

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Stage III: Dodge Challenger R/T- You have a well-fortified base of operations in an area which doesn't see quite as much zombie activity as the city centers have to contend with. What you need here is a scouting vehicle to gather intel and locate other survivors. You don't want some exotic that needs premium fuel, and straight-line speed is the priority, since your pursuers will be on foot. The Challenger also has windows which are large enough for your passenger to effectively wield their 12-gauge pump, an important feature which was overlooked on the Camaro.

Stage IV: Conquest Vehicles Knight XV- This is the type of vehicle most commonly associated with the zombie apocalypse, a big armored vehicle which can withstand all kinds of abuse. You will need this once you have located another group of survivors who need saving. They have a lot of the sorts of supplies which you are running low on, most notably gasoline, and it is imperative that you get them back to your compound safely. Hoardes of the undead stand in the way though, so the Knight XV's excellent armor and space in the back are just the thing.

Stage V: Ford Pursuit Special- The last of the zombies have been wiped out, but they have taken the world's governments and most of its population with them. Roving band of marauders now control the highways, and that gasoline you've been hoarding has become a highly valuable commodity. In order to protect your camp from the leather-clad psychos who threaten your lives, what you'll need is one of these 600hp beasts. The Pursuit Special is the perfect vehicle to have on hand when the zombie apocalypse becomes the regular old apocalypse.

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