Velos Designwerks Goes for the Gold on their Gallardo

ADV.1 Wheels and Lamborghini Gallardos go hand-in-hand in automotive styling.

Miami, Florida-based tuning shop Velos Designwerks teamed up with Advance One Wheels to give their in-shop Lamborghini Gallardo an Olympic-worthy golden look. Sitting on a set of ADV10.0TS SL wheels, the Track-Spec Super Light rims finished in gold give the bold metallic blue Gallardo an incredible presence. Going for gold can be a hit-or-miss proposition and, unlike the USA Men's Archery Team, the Italian Gallardo is spot-on just like their representatives in London.

The 20-inch rims aren't the only bespoke touches the Lamborghini boasts, as it also makes use of a unique rear wing built out of carbon fiber and a street-shaking bespoke audio system. Check out Velos Autowerks Lamborghini Gallardo on ADV.1s and let us know what you think about their bold work on the Italian supercar.

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