Veneno Used for Customer Test Drives

Now THIS is how to sell a car.

Supercars are one thing, but when it comes to something like the ultra-exclusive Lamborghini Veneno, well, that’s something else entirely. Just four units of that wonderfully bonkers Aventador-based rocket ship were built, only three of which will be sold to private owners; the fourth car will remain under the ownership of its makers. But that means Lamborghini can also use that Veneno for its own purposes, such as taking perspective customers for the upcoming Veneno Roadster out for a test drive.

Our friend "Shmee150" managed to film the V12-powered machine hit the track on a rainy Italian day. We have no doubt those going for a test drive will hesitate for a moment when handing over the €3 million check. That sum will buy them one of just nine Veneno Roadsters. Whoever said being rich doesn’t buy happiness?

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