Venturi to Smash EV Speed Record

Venturi and Ohio State University heading back to Bonneville to further entrench their land speed record for electric vehicles.

While different teams compete for the outright Land Speed Record, there are other classes to conquer as well. There are separate categories for motorcycles, diesels, solar power, wind power, driving on ice… you name it. But this team focuses on the electric-powered land speed record. That team is made up of students from Ohio State University and Venturi, which already holds the record with the Venturi Buckeye Bullet (VBB) 2.5 which Roger Schroer achieved in 2010 by hitting 495 km/h (307 mph).

With collegiate support, Venturi is heading back to Bonneville this September for Speed Week to further cement its position with the VBB-3. Powered by 3,000 horsepower worth of electric propulsion, this isn’t your average Nissan Leaf. With that much voltage on tap, Venturi aims to reach 600 km/h (373 mph) and further push on in the future towards the 700 km/h (435 mph) mark. On the way there, Venturi looks poised to surpass the 564 km/h achieved by the JCB DieselMax and the Top Oil-Ack Attack that set the motorcycle record just a month after the aforementioned VBB-2.5 set the current EV record.

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