Very Rare Mint Condition Ford GT Sells For BIG Bucks

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The original owner only paid $150,000.

Mecum Auctions recently sold a 2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition for $687,500.

It's a stunning vehicle finished in the famous Gulf Oil livery used on the 1968 and 1969 Le Mans racing cars. Only 343 of these special edition models were ever produced, making them extremely rare. It's even rarer now after a Florida Man recently purchased a Heritage Edition for $700k and parked it in a palm tree.

From 2004 to 2006, Ford produced a total of 4,038 Ford GTs.

When it was new, this particular GT retailed for $150,000, which seemed outrageous. It looks like a bargain now, considering Cadillac charges the same for the Escalade-V performance SUV.

Mecum Auctions Mecum Auctions

The 2005-2006 GT's story is almost as special as the original Le Mans car. Ford built the GT concept to celebrate its centennial anniversary, and it was universally loved. The demand for a production model was so massive that Ford eventually caved and built it.

Though most of the car was designed in Europe, it was powered by an old-fashioned American engine. Ford used its 5.4-liter four valves per cylinder V8 with an Eaton supercharger bolted on top. It was a pretty rudimentary item, but it produced 550 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque. The power was sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission, and it had zero electronic nannies. Well, unless you count the ABS.

The new Ford GT is the polar opposite, powered by a modern small capacity 3.5-liter twin-turbo engine with various driving modes and selectable ride heights.

Mecum Auctions Mecum Auctions Mecum Auctions

We can't help but be sad about this car, however. While it is in mint condition, the 117 miles on the clock are disappointing. This car was purchased and hidden from daylight for more than ten years, waiting for an enthusiastic owner to come along.

As you can see in the images, the seats are still covered in plastic. Part of the sale also includes the original window sticker, the original statement of origin, service receipts, and a clean Carfax report.

Hopefully, the new owner will enjoy it more than the previous buyer. Cars like these deserve to be driven and seen.

Just stay well clear of any palm trees.

Mecum Auctions Mecum Auctions Mecum Auctions

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